Showpatrol TV Complete Work on Alpha R Cubed Brand Film

Alpha R Cubed specialise in working with people, teams and leaders to help foster and cultivate high performance in the challenging and dynamic world of Financial Markets and within Financial Market Organisations.

Alpha R Cubed was formed to meet a growing set of needs within the Financial Markets industry as firms increasingly look at how they better utilise, grow and resource their people to meet the increasingly complex needs of financial market organisations.

With extensive experience at working with leading Investment Banks, Global Hedge Funds, Asset Management Firms, Energy & Commodity Trading Businesses, and Private Trading firms in every major financial centre across the world Alpha R Cubed were looking for a Brand Film to relaunch their new website and establish trust with them in this ever challenging market place.

For these demanding businesses to trust to them to work with those whom they themselves trust to lead, take risks and deal with their clients and investors Showpatrol TV needed to deliver something special.

Steve Goldstein Interview

To address this brief the Agency shot an interview with Lead Coach Steve Goldstein in a glass and chrome high rise London building to showcase the heights he could take his clients to and highlight the jeopardy involved in this type of industry. Shot in crisp modern HD with a piercing blue steel grade and using simple fonts and tight editing we were able to get straight to the heart of Steve’s experience and allow his knowledge to come to the fore and really do the talking.

90 business cutdown from Michelle Brooks on Vimeo.

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