Michelle Brooks in New Series, February on OH TV


Show Patrol’s Michelle Brooks appears on TV this week, in the new Series Culture Vultures, Exclusively on OH TV Sky Channel 199 for their week long season during the Month of Love.

New to OH TV, Sky Channel 199, ‘Culture Vultures’ is a panel discussion and review show presented by radio personality Rosemary Laryea. Each week, special panel guests pick apart and review new films, music, books, classical art, plays and other trends emerging from the world of Arts and Culture. These Culture Vultures are passionate about identifying exciting, original work and to share their hot picks with you, the viewers. The panel guests on ‘Culture Vultures’ each week will include critics, authors, designers, filmmakers and writers, each with their own eclectic styles and tastes, led by Rosemary, this is sure to be a dynamic show!

Kicking off this season of ‘Culture Vultures’ is a ‘The Culture of Love’ three episode specials consisting of a Valentine’s Day Love Special where guests Relationship Expert Hilton Samuel and Broadcaster Michelle Brooks, who produced ‘Brides and Prejudice’ and ‘Why Should I Get Married’ discuss Valentine’s and The Singleton. Part 2 ‘How to Rekindle Your Relationship’ airs on Friday 18th February 2012 and Part 3 ‘Leap Year and Marriage’ broadcasts on Tuesday 28th February at 7pm 2012.?

Future episodes cover a wide variety of topics such as the Ubuntu International Fashion Project at London Fashion Week, and guest including Carleen De Sozer who is widely regarded as London’s most skilled and diverse Spray Artist and massive Summer box office hit ‘The Inbetweeners’ star Lydia Rose Bewley and many more, so don’t miss this?exciting new programme!

Tuesdays at 7pm, on OH TV Sky Channel 199 and during love week there is an additional episode on Friday 17th February at 7pm 2012.

No Sky? No Problem! Catch us on the OH Box, for more information visit www.ohtvbox.com

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