“Jamaican Pride” Film-maker to feature on OHTV.

This year, in October, after Jamaica has celebrated it’s numerous successes in the London Olympics be prepared to feel the spirit, recognise the amazing talent and share the influence this Island has had on the rest of the world. Produced by Film-maker Michelle Brooks, the power behind the Black Women In the Media series, this amazing and rousing celebration reveals the story behind the lesser known Jamaica, The Events that made 2012 so special and the Pride it’s people have in it’s achievements.

Aimed at raising awareness and inspiring Pride amongst 2nd and 3rd Generation Jamaicans, this film shows the positivity and dynamism that comes from this mighty Nation with Jamaicans reflecting on their feelings towards their motherland at this significant time in history, the 50th Anniversary of Jamaica’s Independence. Featuring an amazing soundtrack, stirring visuals and captivating anecdotes from famous Jamaicans from all over the world “Jamaican Pride” is a labour of love that guarantees to make you, “Get Up, and Stand Up”.

Displaying the talents of Jamaicans in front of and behind the Camera, the Project is unique in it’s conception and it’s scale and as such is not an easy Project to Produce. Because of this Michelle welcomes support from interested parties who are keen to Support this Project, raise up the infrastructure of this Country and also draw attention to their own brands at the same time.

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