Hanwell Library Hosts Half Term Taster Filmmaking Classes

Ealing Libraries at Hanwell and West London Production Company Showpatrol are helping Ealing Youngsters get ahead in the competitive world of Film and TV by running taster Filmmaking Classes over the Half term.

TV and Media Professionals Michelle Brooks and Nicola Gaughan boast twenty year careers in their Industry and are on hand to give an insight into this highly lucrative trade. Michelle’s clients include BBC, Red Bee Media and more recently Twitter UK whilst Nicola’s client’s include Hasbro and Disney.

The first taster class is on the Tuesday 13th February from 10-1pm with a follow up of two days courses at OpenEaling in the Orchard Cafe in West Ealing.

When asked why courses of this nature were important Showpatrol Founder Michelle explained, “The UK Film and TV Industries are very competitive however there is a real shortfall in craft skills like camerawork, lighting, sound and script supervision. If we can showcase how accessible it is to develop these skills early on then it will really give young people a head start when they are trying to get work in the field.”

Nicola added, “Employers are not just looking for good grades at University or College, they are looking for experience, creativity and making something from nothing and that is where this course fits right in.”

If you think you know someone who would benefit from this course click the linkĀ here for more details and to book their place. Tickets are limited so hurry to avoid disappointment.

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