5 Easy Apps to Get Video into Your Marketing Strategy

The surge of videos on social media and content marketing channels has come quickly. In the past year Facebook has averaged more than a billion views and in addition to Youtube, even Twitter and Instagram are allowing you to stream your own live content and create everyday stories to help you build your audience.

Video has become the go to visual content for a huge number businesses and brands. Today we’re going to share how you too can do video, no matter your resources or skills.

Professional Video Producer, Creative and Showpatrol TV Business Branding Specialist Michelle Brooks has twenty years experience in TV and Storytelling is used to scripting, pitching, filming and editing high quality content using cameras as varied as her trusty Canon 5D through to Reds, EX3 and even an Iphones and Ipads.

Nowadays you don’t have to do any of that. In today’s Session Michelle will showcase easy to use apps and digital software that are the best and easiest video editing tools ideal for novice video producers with limited budgets and busy schedules!

She’s tried them all and is going to even introduce one that you already have sitting on your laptop!


Bring your phone, laptop or iPad to download, shoot, swipe and edit along in class.
This workshop will be delivered by Michelle Brooks.

The Seminar Agenda is:

1800 Registration.

1830 Course Teaching

1930 Q & A

2000 Networking

2030 Close.

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